20-24 March 2023


The aim of the course is to apply energy security factors relevant to NATO by introducing fundamental concepts and analysing energy security developments in the current geopolitical situation and their potential impact on alliance security and military operations at the operational level.


The course consists of ADL, individual preparation, lectures, seminars, reading tasks, presentations, and group work. The lectures will be delivered in cooperation with the specialists’ network from the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence.

The main topics of the course are NATO’s role in energy security, NATO ENSEC COE: introduction and activities, military aspects of energy security, geopolitics of energy security, power production and distribution in the Baltic states, energy conflicts, hybrid warfare, and energy security, critical energy infrastructure protection (CEIP), the energy infrastructure in the maritime domain, intersection of cybersecurity and critical energy infrastructure (CEI), energy efficiency in military operations, energy behaviour changes with military application.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Analyse energy security developments and their potential impact on military operations.
  • Analyse risks to Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) by focusing on the entire energy system.
  • Apply innovative energy efficiency approaches to improve NATO capabilities.

Point of Contact:

Captain Bill Combes, U.S. Navy (ret)


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