Academic Foundations

The aim of this module is to improve the course participants' skills needed to study and learn effectively. The module will encourage critical thinking and improve communication skills of the course participants. As such, the module will address effective reading and major writing tasks to be completed throughout the course and will examine the essential elements of researching, writing, and discussing the findings of research. Secondly, the module will discuss leadership, cooperation skills, and civil-military interactions within academic environment that will enhance participants' understanding of the requirements at senior, strategic level of professional military education and will facilitate establishment of productive group dynamics throughout the course.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Appraise requirements related to participation in a strategic level professional military education programme
  2. Improve skills needed for effective studying, researching and communicating in professional military education environment
  3. Examine leadership and cooperation skills supporting a learning environment and positive group dynamics
Assignment Assessment
Diagnostic writing and oral presentations Diagnostic/formative
Credits: 2,5 ECTS  

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