Module 3: Strategic Leadership

The aim of the module is to introduce students to the evolution of strategic leadership and to prepare them to lead successfully at the strategic and senior command levels. The module will concentrate of historical case studies evaluating dilemmas of strategic leadership and senior command taking into account strategic leaders’ responsibilities, competencies, and tasks. Furthermore, the students will appraise the theoretical and conceptual tools available and the abilities required for military leaders, top-level managers, or policymakers when operating at the strategic level. The module will help students to critically reflect upon their leadership experience and prepare them to identify and explore the challenges faced by leaders at the strategic level. The module includes several tasks, case studies, and the Strategic Commander exercise, all of which are designed to familiarise the students with the difficulties and opportunities of strategic-level leadership and decision-making, as well as to prepare them for leading, influencing, and motivating others.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Appraise strategic leadership challenges in their historical, cultural, social, and political context.
  2. Assess the frameworks of strategic leadership and higher command in peace and war for addressing complex secu-rity issues.
  3. Examine the characteristics and fundamentals that determine leadership at the strategic level and reflect on personal traits and competencies as a strategic leader.
Assignment Assessment
Group presentations during Strategic Leader Exercise, individual strategic leadership presentation and individual contributions toachievement of the module learning outcomes. Summative – Pass/Fail/Pass with Distinction
Credits: 4 ECTS  

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