Module 4: Defence Policy and Strategy Development

The aim of this module is to explain the environmental and procedural variables involved in strategy formulation and to assess recent developments in defence policy and planning at the national, bilateral, and multilateral levels. The module will begin with a review of strategy formulation theories and will continue with recent developments and trends in political, military, economic, administrative, and sociological domains of defence policy. These will next be then discussed using examples of Baltic defence policies and strategies. The module will introduce the ends-ways-means framework, which can be used to derive strategy from national objectives and interests regardless of state size and connect it to more particular methodologies of strategy formulation. These will eventually be used in a group exercise called 'Strategic Formulator', which will enable students to participate in the creation of national defence strategy for a specific country.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Develop a proposal of national defence strategies for the Baltic states along with their feasibility assessment.
  2. Appraise evolution of national defence policies and strategies of the Baltic states while taking into account their inter-relationships with NATO and the EU policies and strategies.
  3. Assess interrelationships between the national and international stimuli related to ends, ways and means, while devel-oping a defence strategy based on national purposes.
Assignment Assessment
Group presentations during the Strategic Formulator Exercise, an individual paper related to the exercise outcomes and individual contributions to achievement of the module learning outcomes. Summative – Pass/Fail/Pass with Distinction
Credits: 5 ECTS  

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