Module 5: Defence Management

The aim of the module is to offer students with instruments for investigating, assessing, and formulating defence management strategies and planning. The module will begin with a general overview of defence economics and resource management by analysing defence management theories, principles, and processes. Then, the module will focus on defence management solutions related to capabilities development, acquisition, and sustainment, and human resource management. The module will discuss national, multinational and collective capability building while taking the needs of the Baltic states requirements and lessons learned into account. As a result, students will evaluate how financial, material, infrastructural, and personnel decisions influence the ability to formulate policy recommendations on effective defence planning under resource constraints.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Formulate a coordinated guidance and implementation concepts for effective defence management.
  2. Assess the impact of resource allocation on defence management.
  3. Consider the different methods for making rational, disciplined decisions to allocate resources for efficient and effective capability building in the face of uncertainty.
Assignment Assessment
Group presentations on case studies, an individual paper based on case studies and individual contributions to achievement of the module learning outcomes. Summative – Pass/Fail/Pass with Distinction
Credits: 4 ECTS  

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