Module 6: Enhancement of Deterrence through Cooperation

The aim of the module is to enable students to successfully contribute to the development and implementation of credible deterrence strategies for the Baltic states, taking into account regional and allied synergies. The module will start with an analysis of theoretical frameworks and conceptual models for deterrence. It will then critically analyse the security threats and current allied and national concepts and capabilities for deterrence in the Baltic Sea Region. The assessment will focus on existing gaps and limitations that affect allied, regional, and national capabilities for deterrence. It will also discuss the challenges that result from diverging perceptions of deterrence among states and international organisations, politicians, and the military. A critical review of requirements that would enable credible deterrence for the Baltic states based on case studies will introduce students to the Strategic Deterrer Exercise, which will challenge students to formulate a proposal for a credible deterrence strategy for the Baltic States in 2032 that integrates regional and allied cooperation. This exercise would make use of assessments prepared during Module 1 and 2 in that the current threats object of deterrence for the Baltic Sea region is Russia, and risks of global nature are increasingly influencing the security of the Baltic states.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Appraise credible deterrence options for the Baltic states by integrating regional and allied cooperation.
  2. Examine and validate extant foundational theories of deterrence through their practical application to contempo-rary realities in the Baltic Sea security environment.
  3. Evaluate the current deterrence concepts and capabilities related to the security of the Baltic states and the Baltic Sea region.
  4. Assess the impact of changes to the security environment on formulation and implementation of deterrence strate-gies for Baltic Sea region.
Assignment Assessment
Group presentations during the Strategic Deterrer Exercise, an individual paper based on the exercise outcomes and individual contributions to achievement of the module learning outcomes. Summative:
Pass/Fail/Pass with Distinction
Credits: 5 ECTS  

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