Baltic Defence Study Trip

During the study trip to the Baltic states' capitals, participants will interact with security, defence, and communication planners and experts to identify the deterrence gaps and challenges as well as their cooperation potential and collect necessary information to improve deterrence and resilience related planning and propose practical solutions. The visits include tours of parliaments, ministries of (national) defence, defence forces institutions and discussions with relevant experts in ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of interior, think tanks, and specialized agencies. During the study trip, participants will discuss together the significance and utility of new knowledge for solving the research task. This study trip supports learning objectives of Module 4 and Module 5 through interaction with practitioners involved in defence security and strategy development and implementation, as well as allows for the first-hand experience with the defence management challenges that the Baltic states face. It reinforces the learning objectives of Module 1 and Module 2 as it includes discussions on trends in security environment and Russia. The trip facilitates also achievement of Module 6 learning objectives by professional discussions related to deterrence requirements and challenges.


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