The Senior Leaders’ Course (SLC) provides an opportunity for military leaders (General/Flag Officer level) and their civilian equivalents from governmental institutions of the Baltic States, their allies and partners to further develop networking and performance at the highest executive responsibilities in national and international assignments.


The Course facilitates the participants’ understanding of contemporary regional issues, while simultaneously affording them opportunities to enhance and sustain a comprehensive network among allies and partners. Participants from NATO eFP nations are priority to attend the course.

The Course offers:

  • Debate and discussion on topical political and higher-strategic matters with leading academics, military commanders and civilian representatives from across the European continent and North America;
  • Opportunities for enhanced understanding of geopolitical and strategic dynamics;
  • Prospects for exchanging ideas, reflection and networking during social events (dinners and other hosted events).

At the end of the SLC, participants will benefit from the Course to better:

  • Formulate strategic responses on the challenges and threats to the interests of their respective nations;
  • Assess the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s evolving geostrategic role in deterring challenges and threats to its members;
  • Appraise the principles of deterrence in light of the changing geopolitical environment.


The Senior Leaders’ Course educational method is based on a combined educational approach, including lectures, panels and small group (syndicate) activities and exercises to facilitate adult learning at an advanced level. Consequently, the primary responsibility for learning and achieving the specified learning outcomes is placed on the participants of the course. To help facilitate this, the Senior Leaders’ Course provides an excellent educational environment for learning. A high level Senior Mentor will facilitate all educational activities.

The construct of the Senior Leaders’ Course is built so that it will maximise the experience and knowledge already found at the Baltic Defence College and is bolstered with specific additional skills and wits from outside. Thus, active learning and full participation and contribution of all participants is heavily encouraged; this allows participants to share their knowledge, experience and learning with others in an open and positive environment.

Admission Requirements

The Senior Leaders’ Course is open to flag officers and senior officials from the armed forces and government institutions of the Baltic states, their allies and partners as well as non-governmental entities. In general, participants are:

  • Flag/General Officers or senior officials with a demonstrated potential and aptitude for promotion to the very highest level;
  • Graduates of the Higher Command Studies Course or an equivalent course in another defence college or university;
  • Holders, where appropriate, of an exemplary professional profile;
  • Agile and adaptable, as well as intellectually curious thinkers, versed in the use of modern technology.

Further Information

The Senior Leaders’ Course 2022 will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania. All administrative information will be provided directly to selected/nominated participants.

The costs of accommodation and transportation of participants are to be covered by sending states. There is no Course Fee.


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